Microcut MCH-D Series

More than a fine cutting machine: MCH-D series!

The STEPHAN Microcut Machines are compact and easy to use. The unique Microcut principle allows fine cutting and emulsifying processes in one machine. Microcut MCH-D machines with double cutting set are for medium and big capacity applications but require a small floor space in the factory. The low inlet height of the rectangle funnel allows the installation next to further processing equipment. They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of meat emulsions for sausage production, fine pate, puree, baby food and similar fine and smooth products in the meat and convenience industry. Increase the production capacity by using a STEPHAN Microcut! It’s only one step to get a smooth and fine product. Let flow the product from your premix vessel directly into the rectangle funnel and press the start button. The product runs itself through the cutting system, becomes fine cut, emulsified and discharged automatically in a continuous process. Nothing to control, nothing to adjust, really easy

MCH-D 20
MCH-D 150

Main Features:

  • horizontal execution
  • compact casing, movable on 4 casters
  • rectangle funnel, 120 litre (150 litre for MCH 150)
  • incl. 1 set of working tools (double)
  • fast-running feeding spiral
  • main motor with starting step: 3000 rpm
  • product outlet with discharge pipe
  • temperature indication at the product outlet

Optional Items:

  • inline execution available
  • fsl execution available (feeding screw)
  • different cutting tools for a wide range of applications
  • axial face seal, water flushed
  • soft starter
  • Siemens PLC
TypType MCH-D 20 MCH-D 150 MCH-D 180
Funnel size (optional) l 120 150 250
Output (depending of product) kg/h up to 3000 up to 4500 up to 8000
Cutting tool double double double
Power (optional) kW 30 45 (55) 75
Speed at 50 Hz/60 Hz rpm 3000/3600 3000/3600 3000/3600
MCH-D 20
MCH-D 20