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The STEPHAN Microcut® is a multifunctional fine cutting and dispersing system. The rotor stator system is available as single stage and double stage version.

A wide range of machine layouts meets the requirements of multiple segments of the food industry. Homogeneous fine cutting and emulsifying of meat and fish can be done as well as forming emulsions and dispersing solids in liquids.

A special layout is suitable for cutting of vegetables and fruits as well as biscuit rework and frozen products.

Universal Machines UM 70/130/200


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Universal Machines UM 70/130/200

Universal Machines UM 70/130/200

The STEPHAN Universal Machines are compact and highly flexible process units. They handle almost all the tasks involved in the production of processed cheese, convenience products and confectionary: from mixing and chopping, emulsifying and vacuum deaeration to direct heating and indirect heating and cooling.

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