Founded in 1953 in Hameln (near Hanover, Germany) by the Stephan family, the company started its activity by manufacturing meat cutting equipment and machines for the preparation of bakery and other food products.

In recent years, STEPHAN Machinery has become the market leader in processed cheese technology for the production of all kinds of processed cheese, such as; spreads blocks and slices. Also, in the field of machinery for processing convenience food products, STEPHAN has attained a remarkable position. The most important applications in this field are ready meals, soups, pasta, mayonnaise/ketchup and baby food.  We are also still involved in process solutions for products such as meat/skin emulsions, liver pate, pet food etc.   By means of our highly efficient Microcut machines, homogenous fine cutting and emulsifying of meat can be achieved. Last, but by no means least, STEPHAN is also well-known for its excellent confectionery process technology - being a recognised leader in the supply of machines for marzipan, praline masses. etc.

In 2003 we created our own Centre of excellence for engineering and automation in Schwarzenbek/Hamburg. The concept was to have an organization that offers solutions ranging from individual engineered process units through to complete plants equipped with the latest automation technology.