Stephan Machinery GmbH specialises in designing and building machines and plants for food production processes. It has 60 years of experience in the food industry, supplying many leading food brands with customised machinery that supports their production processes and enhances efficiency.

For almost 10 years we have also been a supplier of process engineering and automation solutions.

It has always been our prime objective to develop machinery that is designed to enhance and improve production processes. STEPHAN Machinery produces machinery and engineering/ automation solutions for different fields of application, such as; dairy, convenience food and meat and confectionery. Our key customers are multinational and well-known organisations. We export about 80 % of our machines globally. In the future we will focus on turnkey solutions to meet the high expectations of our customers in the food industry.

STEPHAN Machinery stands for quality, outstanding durable products, highly efficient processes and a comprehensive understanding of the needs of our customers. STEPHAN machines are unsurpassed for mixing, emulsifying, dispersing, direct/indirect heating, vacuum processes, cooking, size reduction etc. The success of our company is based on the fact that we really live our values and strive together for mutually agreed goals. The corporate principles describe the standard of our actions and mutual relations. They are binding for all employees in the company at any time.



STEPHAN Machinery supplies the world with innovative solutions for intelligent and efficient food processing that inspires our customers and help them achieve succeed in the market place. 



We develop optimum food processing solutions - together with our sister companies - for and with our customers and thus ensure our customers with above-average success. STEPHAN is constantly evolving to remain an excellent business partner.



Uncompromising customer orientation

Uncompromising customer orientation in all areas of the company is one of our basic success factors.

We need to understand how our customers work, identify their needs, and find out what they expect from us as process specialists.

With intensive customer contact in all business areas, over the lifespan of our products, we create an understanding for the expectations of our customers worldwide. In this way, we create customer awareness that has a positive effect on market knowledge and product development.


Encourage and challenge employees

Our employees are THE key to our success. 

Their thinking and acting characterizes the image of STEPHAN Machinery. Keeping our customers´ needs in mind, they strive to exceed all their requirements with utmost precision to achieve the highest customer satisfaction possible.

Communication, team spirit, trust, commitment, initiative and diversity of opinions are fundamental pillars of our company.

The high qualification of our employees and executives is a decisive factor for the success of STEPHAN Machinery. That is why we intensively pursue a continuous education and promotion of all employees.


Cooperative leadership 

Together with our employees, the management implemented the ´Vision 2030´ through local leadership. The goals are clearly defined and communicated to all those involved in the process. This openness promotes personal responsibility, gives orientation and serves to avoid mistakes.

The principle of demand and promotion applies here. Young employees are given responsibility early on, so that they can gather practical experience, get involved and grow, accompanied by experienced employees. The constant dialogue between all employees and a fault-tolerant culture of experimentation forms our actions. 

Our executives coach and accompany their employees in their professional development. The communication between all employees is characterized by appreciation, respect and trust.


Profitable growth

To consolidate our position in the market, we will grow profitably within the ProXES Group and continue to advance our technological leadership - with our innovative strength and consistent commitment.

The core of our growth strategy is global market cultivation and penetration, a revitalization and expansion of the product areas as well as the conquest of new market segments. All strategic decisions have the goal of sustainable corporate development.


Innovation & constant improvement

We aspire to stay one step ahead with our technologies and expertise. A culture of innovation and improvement that is deeply anchored at all levels will ensure the competitiveness of our company in the future. The principle behind it, is ´excellence through transparency´. Every employee gets the right information at the right time, in the right place and in the right quantity, to make the right decisions independently of the company´s interests. This is supported by a high degree of personal responsibility and an outward view of our employees. Processes and products with proven innovation potential are then developed and introduced in a timely manner.


Exceptional quality

STEPHAN Machinery stands for highest quality ´Made in Germany´. For our customers, this is reflected in the exceptional reliability of our products, services and processes. 

Our systems and total solutions offer the highest efficiency at competitive prices. With globally active colleagues, we guarantee a responsive and high-quality service - always and everywhere. Quality does not just mean that the product meets the contractually guaranteed and expected benefits. Also features such as timely delivery and reliability are part of our quality standards.


Tolerance & Ethics

As an international company, we unite the different cultures, languages and ways of living under our roof.  We treat each other fairly and openly. Our actions are characterized by honesty and transparency. We are interested in the opinions of our employees and partners and we are ready to learn from one another.

In the strategic and operational business, STEPHAN Machinery acts in accordance with the ProXES Group Code of Conduct, which defines responsible actions in the areas of economics, law and ethics.


STEPHAN machines – proven & certified quality you can always rely on