SAM® – STEPHAN Aseptic Multitherm

Innovation in process

SAM® is a compact designed, multifunctional processing unit which is able to generate aseptic working conditions. The multifunctional processing unit is made for „high-end“ production processes and products. Further, SAM® is quite simple to integrate into a process line. The high task complexity needs no complicated programing or operating steps. The detailed, visualized processing functions and the high automation status simplify the entire process. SAM® combines functionality, simple operating steps, innovative process technology and “state of the art” automation to be ready for the future of food production.

Main Features:

  • Hermetically sealed cover
  • Processing temperature max. 130 °C
  • Inclined processing vessel
  • 3 section double jacket for heating and cooling
  • Direct steam injection
  • Vacuum process
  • Efficient and gentle mixing arm
  • Bottom seat valve